#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon

From breeding a Black Adder male x Cinnamon female

1.0 Black Adder, 2.2 Cinnamon Sib Blackadder, 1.0 Sibling black Adder were produced from this clutch… This clutch is being held back.

In conjunction with Regius Club.

The Regius Club and Repilepit would like to present the BLACK ADDER to you and the first Black Adder Cinnamon to ever be produced…

Introduction to the Black Adder…

The Black Adder, or “BA” as it’s affectionately known, was found as a captive hatched baby in 2006.

Currently, the Black Adder is classified as Dominant. We have Female Black Adders up to size, and we plan to use these in solidly determining the genetic inheritance of the Black Adder gene.

The Black Adder is a colour and pattern mutation, it influences other genes immensely. We are excited to have the privilege to see what combinations really “POP” and more importantly; we’re excited to be introducing it to you!

The Black Adder has some really strong characteristics, these include an almost Clown like dorsal stripe, as well as this, the BA has a unique looking side pattern. We’re sure you’ll agree, this is an interesting characteristic for a gene to express, and makes the journey to discovering this projects full potential all the more interesting, and great fun too.

Woweeee… The BLACK ADDER CINNY has surpassed our expectations, we knew the combination would look interesting, but never this INSANE… We love the way the joined up alien heads turn into shark teeth and the back stripe is complete aside from the small mark on the neck… What is going to happen when we turn this into a Pewter or Gargoyle Black Adder?

A very exciting prospect for sure, and one we can’t wait to see it come to fruition… Fingers crossed.

  • Laid:
    6 Jun 2013
  • Hatched:
    31 Jul 2013
  • Clutch size:
#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon Sire


#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon Dam


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#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon
#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon
#9 Black Adder x Cinnamon