#4 Onyx x Butterbelly

From breeding an Onyx male to Butterbelly female.

1.0 Black Pastel, 0.1 Butter, 1.0 Normal are available from this clutch.

In conjunction with Regius Club

We were shooting for a Black Pastel or Het Red Butterbelly from this clutch sut I guess the odd gods didn’t want to be with us for this clutch,,,

We shouldn’t have produced and normals in this clutch as the Onyx is allelic, but she must have had retained sperm from another breeding

The grandmother from this clutch was an African female, but she doesn’t seem to have passed anything on to these babies, but she has produced some strange offspring in the past

Still need to hit on these Black Pastel and het Red Butterbellys, oh well there is always next year…

  • Laid:
    17 May 2013
  • Hatched:
    9 Jul 2013
  • Clutch size:
#4 Onyx x Butterbelly Sire


#4 Onyx x Butterbelly Dam


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#4 Onyx x Butterbelly
#4 Onyx x Butterbelly
#4 Onyx x Butterbelly
#4 Onyx x Butterbelly