#3 Phanom x Warlock

From breeding a Phanom male to a Warlock female

3 Phantoms and 3 Phantom Warlocks were produced from this clutch

3 Phantoms and 1 Phantom Warlock available from this clutch…

Introducing WARLOCK to the world…

The Warlock is a new gene from Africa and you don’t have to be an expert to see there is something going on with her, we just didn’t realize how well she would ENHANCE the Phantom…

The Phantoms produced in this clutch are black and orange, stunning examples of Phantoms, but the Phantom Warlocks just blow them out the water, they are a deeper shade of black but the blushing rides up so high that it gives the animals an Aubergine hue…

The Warlock also ENHANCES the back stripe of the animals, we found this last year too with the Warlock Chocolates we produced, but they did not throw of as stunning of a result as the Phantom Warlocks….

Can’t wait to produce a Super Warlock and we will have to wait to produce a Super Phantom Super Warlock as this whole clutch was males… Oh well, at least we can shoot for Super Phantom Warlocks next year…

ENHANCER genes are so important to create “tweak” morph to achieve supreme examples of the morphs we love… The Warlock didn’t have an extreme reaction with the Chocolate but luckily we have started to marry the key to the lock with the Phantom…
We are sometimes to quick to disregard African animals when we don’t get a reaction we were looking for with a certain morph, patience is required when working with African animals and I am so glad we kept this girl for another season…

  • Laid:
    16 May 2013
  • Hatched:
    8 Jul 2013
  • Clutch size:
#3 Phanom x Warlock Sire


#3 Phanom x Warlock Dam


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#3 Phanom x Warlock
#3 Phanom x Warlock
#3 Phanom x Warlock
#3 Phanom x Warlock
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#3 Phanom x Warlock
#3 Phanom x Warlock